Convince customers to choose your product

With a BARC Case Study Report – an analyst-led customer interview

Being able to show the real-world impact of your software and services is more important than ever

Imagine your potential customer is looking for exactly the type of product you are offering. Before buying, they will mainly research online and compare different options. Their central goal is to find out what other users have experienced with the product.

This is where you come in! You need to make sure that the prospective customer finds the most convincing examples possible of how your software is used successfully.

Many content marketing experts have therefore concluded that the format that generates the most leads is the case study.

Almost all leading IT manufacturers use case studies in their marketing campaigns.

Why are case studies so effective?

They address your target group

Case studies are highly relevant in terms of content and offer decision-makers real value during software selection processes.

Perfectly suited for lead generation

A case study is valuable and interesting content for companies in the process of selecting software. Make it available for download in exchange for contact details.

Case studies are reusable on any channel

A case study can be shared across many channels - as a blog post, on social media or as a decisive argument in direct customer conversations.

Social proof dispels lingering doubts

Customers trust in the experience of others. Use your case study to show how other users benefit from your product.

Why case studies from BARC?

Good reasons why you should choose BARC rather than an agency.

Social proof by experts

Social proof is more effective when a recommendation is confirmed by experts. For 20 years, the name BARC has stood for expertise in the fields of BI/analytics, data management, ECM, CRM and ERP among software end users.


In contrast to agencies without a technical background, we act as an objective research institute that is committed to independence. Our readers know this: you can rely on BARC case studies.


Our experienced analysts know what information customers are most interested in before they buy software. We recognize the typical pain points end users have – and we can communicate to them how your product is able to solve their problems.

Comprehensive expertise

A comprehensive understanding of the subject is needed in order to write a convincing case study, especially with more complex topics. BARC has the in-depth expertise your clients expect.

How is the BARC Case Study Report created?



In consultation with you, we define a core topic on which the case study is to be based.

Reference customers

You are responsible for establishing contact with three reference customers of your choice.

Analyst-led interviews

BARC will conduct qualified interviews with these clients based on our tried-and-tested methodology.

Introduction and summary

BARC writes a high-quality introduction to the topic and a concluding summary of the findings for each case study.

Additional Service - BARC Case Study Webinar



In coordination with your customers, we will prepare an additional interview which will be recorded in advance if necessary.

Leads and Prospects

You invite your leads and prospects to the webinar.

Moderated by BARC

The webinar will be introduced and moderated by a BARC analyst, and will feature a recorded (or live) customer interview and a segment for your positioning and to highlight your solution.



Per Month

For the price of €16,900, you will receive an individually prepared BARC research note in German or English (other languages available on request) of around 6-12 pages. Your logo will appear on page 2 as the sponsor of this research note. Publication can be done in parts or as a single document


Additional Offering


Per Month

The webinar is conducted in German or English (other languages on request)

Length: 40 mins. max.
Presentation slides will be provided for publication

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