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Making profit in €uros

BARC can help you to expand
your business to and in Europe

Expanding to Europe is promising – if you know how to do it

The European market is a “must” for companies already established in America. The continent has become a region with great expansion opportunities and economies that are fertile ground for growth. The sooner you seize those rich opportunities the better.

However, most initial European expansions of US tech companies deliver below expectations or do not survive. The reason: Many US corps simply do not have the experience and the knowledge of how to build up European operations. Plus, even though English is a common business language in Europe, communication between the US and European teams can be difficult at the beginning.

Europe is complex and diverse: It is made up of 50 different countries, Germany, France and the UK being the largest ones, and each of them are as different to one another as the US is to each of them. From the US point of view, it can be hard to keep an overview, especially with recent changes such as “Brexit”.

BARC’s experience and network of seasoned data & analytics industry executives and experts will make the process of expanding to Europe a lot smoother and successful. With our years of practical experience, our comprehensive market know-how and personal network, we help you to ensure a successful settlement or expansion in Europe.

How we can help you

We help you to avoid mistakes and expand to and in Europe successfully

  • Facilitate communication between US headquarters and European management
  • Define budgets, expectations, KPIs and reporting
  • Advise US headquarters on successful European expansion & development
  • Advise European management on understanding US corporate culture and goals for expanding and developing business in Europe
  • Help you find and connect with the right people and expand your network
  • Accelerate go-to-market by quickly finding the right partners, influencers, etc.
  • Provide market research and experience to support decision-making, for example, which markets and countries to tackle in which order, where to set up operations, decide between direct versus indirect sales strategy, etc.

Our expertise

Making the right decisions right from the beginning is essential to expand to and in Europe successfully. Trust the combined expertise of BARC and its network of BARC fellows – we will help you to make a profit in Euros.


BARC, founded by Carsten Bange in 1999, is the leading European software market analyst for business software with a unique understanding of both buying behavior and customer requirements as well as the global and local vendor landscape. We have direct access to key decision-makers such as CEOs and CTOs in many companies and can therefore help you to expand your network in Europe. Plus, our own research provides you with the information you need in order to make safe decisions, even at short notice.

Example of a BARC fellow supporting European expansion: Bruno Saint-Cast

Bruno Saint-Cast has played a part in some of the most successful expansions of US software companies to and in Europe, including Brio Technology (European VP), (France Country Manager) and Tableau Software (European VP). He has also supported the operations of companies in the big data, BI and AI industry, such as Panopticon, Datawatch, Kode, Pyramid Analytics and Mondobrain as a hands-on advisor.

Our partner search methodology

Our partner search methodology has proved successful in numerous projects conducted over the last ten years. Each project is shaped around a common core model, which could look like this:

Phase 1: Kick-off – setting the parameters

In a kick-off workshop, we define an “ideal” partner profile with you to guide the search process.
Here, we receive all the necessary information from you about your company, products, existing partner programs and partners, as well as any ongoing or past discussions with potential partners.

Phase 2: Your company profile and information on partner program

The company profile (approx. 2-5 pages) includes information on your positioning and the proposal for potential partners.
This provides the companies we address with neutral and comprehensive information about your company as well as the products you offer and your positioning in the market.

Phase 3: Identification of target companies and prioritization

Now you can sit back and let us do the magic:
Based on our databases of IT software and service providers, additional secondary research and our own network of potential target companies, we identify companies that match the selection criteria. The result is a qualified list of suitable service providers, including relevant information (e.g., partnerships, technology, contact details) and a brief description of the company. The length of this "long list" depends chiefly on the selection criteria and typically contains 20-30 companies. In a joint (web) meeting, we assist you with the prioritization of candidates for future contact. We aim for a list of 6-8 target companies with high priority.

Phase 4: Contact and willingness check

BARC contacts the prioritized companies and introduces them to your company using the
company profile we prepared. We also explain why exploring a partnership with
you would be beneficial for the target company.

Phase 5: Joint meetings (optional, where possible and useful)

If necessary and useful, we can participate in meetings with target companies in order to facilitate the discussion or contribute an analyst view of the market and your company.

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