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Lead generation has never been easier

We put you in close contact with potential customers from the fields of BI, analytics, data management and process automation with no greater effort than a presentation from your own computer, no matter where you are. With about one online event per month, BARC offers a wide range of webinars.

Take part in one of our webinars as a sponsor to:

  • Be heard
  • Gain brand recognition
  • Gain leads – as a sponsor you can choose 50 participants and will receive their contact details
  • and ultimately, make more deals.

Your options and how you can become a sponsor

Webinars announcing the publication of our Topical Surveys

Launch parties are the webinars in which we announce the publication of BARC Topical Surveys. Each webinar is moderated by a BARC analyst, who also presents the survey findings. Afterwards, vendors provide their view on the survey results and present their offerings in front of an engaged audience.

As a sponsor, you will receive the contact details of 50 participants selected by you.
Who can become a sponsor?
Sponsors of a Topical Survey are given first refusal to participate in the Launch Party at a reduced price. Other interested vendors can become sponsors if they can provide appropriate topical input.

Product comparisons of different vendors and their solutions

These webinars focus on the comparison of different vendors and products for a defined application area. BARC analysts give an overview and evaluate up to five products based on their analyst view as well as on user feedback.

With BARC as a respected and objective webinar host, you can prove to participants that you belong at the top table in your field.

Who can become a sponsor?

Based on market share, current growth and demand, BARC analysts select up to five vendors for a specific application area. These vendors have the chance to make a presentation in front of an engaged audience during the webinar, e.g. “The hottest BI & Analytics vendors in comparison”.

Please note that these webinars do not represent an all-encompassing view of the market like our BARC Guide or BARC Score research.

Thematic focus with solution examples – bringing the digital workplace to life

The focus of each monthly webinar is on a specific topic around the theme of the digital workplace. The presentation of relevant software solutions will give attendees ideas and inspiration for designing the digital workplace in their companies.

Each webinar will feature an introduction to the topic by a BARC expert followed by solution examples.

The series is scheduled to run from September 2021 to June 2022.

Who can become a sponsor?

Any sponsor that can offer added value and ideas on the topic of the month through its solution can participate in the series.

Sponsorship places are limited to a maximum of 2 companies on a “first come, first served” basis.

Vital statistics

up to 300 registered participants per webinar

up to 4 speaking slots per webinar

duration: 2 hours (approx.)

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