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BARC has been successfully offering its analyst services on the business software market for more than 20 years. We therefore face many of the exact same marketing and sales challenges as you.

Our thriving and well-proven marketing and sales methods flow into our products and services, as well as our deep understanding of buyers’ requirements and suppliers’ offerings. That is why we are exactly the right partner when it comes to being successful in this market.

We know what needs to be done to improve the positioning of your organization.



We know your target group by heart

BARC’s 20+ analysts evaluate and research the business software market and all its key players on an ongoing basis. We know your target group and your challenges by heart.

Years of experience and hundreds of research projects have taught us how the market and its participants tick.

We are independent

In contrast to product-focused service providers, we are an objective research firm that is committed to independence. Our consulting approach focuses on trusted collaboration and creates autonomy for our clients rather than service dependency.

Software buyers start their search for suitable software with us and they rely on our critical, independent opinion.



We are credible

Software buyers and users have been working with BARC for over 20 years. In this time, we have established a position of respect within the industry. More than 1,200 customers all over the world tap into our expertise each year.

Our name stands for high quality, independent research and consulting and in-depth knowledge in the areas of BI/analytics, data management, ECM, CRM, ERP and other business software segments.



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It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted research and analyst firms. Have a look below to see just a selection of the software vendors and IT service providers who rely on BARC to grow their businesses.

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