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Content marketing is getting more and more competitive

In the beginning, achieving success with content marketing was quite easy. Since very few companies used these tactics, those who did gained a clear advantage.

Today the world has drastically changed. Now the word has spread about the success some companies have had with content marketing and the value it has delivered, the content and information space has become crowded and very competitive.

The result: consumers are now drowning in information. Something called content fatigue has kicked in.

Still, content marketing is one of the most successful marketing tactics out there. Recent studies show that content marketing “generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

So, the question is: what differentiates content marketing leaders from the rest of the pack? What do marketers have to do to get content marketing right?

One essential part of the answer is this: There is a need to focus on delivering highly valuable and relevant content to your audience. Content should be tailor-made to the specific pain points and needs of the people you want to reach.

Besides making content more helpful and easier to consume, content marketing leaders increasingly use original data-based research as a means to increase the value their target group gains from consuming their content.

Since there is so much information available today, consumers nowadays are very selective about what they consume and trust. Our own research shows that 98 percent of BI Survey participants agree with the statement “I place high emphasis on the trustworthiness of the source”.

Therefore, being able to provide content based on original market research from an independent and neutral analyst firm will give you a head-start on the competition when it comes to building a successful content marketing program.

Our topical user surveys are specifically designed to give you this head-start.

What our surveys offer

BARC's Topical Surveys provide you with a wealth of benefits.

Attract new visitors

BARC surveys provide valuable content for decision-makers who need to research a certain topic. Use our research to attract and convert new website visitors.

Generate leads

BARC surveys are an excellent tool for lead generation. As a sponsor you can distribute this high-quality content on your website for download.

Level-up your content

Fuel your content channels with blogs or posts based on our original survey-based research. Attract readers who are looking for information on how to address a specific pain point.

Create awareness

Create awareness among customers, press, partners and investors. Position yourself as a relevant provider and thought leader on a particular topic.

Understand your audience

Find out what your target group thinks about a certain topic, which pain points you need to address, and which benefits they expect.

Gain insights

Get first hand and representative information on how a market trend is perceived by real end users and where they want to invest.



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BARC Topical Surveys

Topical Surveys support end-user organizations in their IT/digital strategies and their choice of partners. Our research analyzes the latest market and technology trends – as well as changes to ecosystems – to guide end-user organizations in their digital transformation journey.

Each DACH-wide study is built on interactions with – and a survey of – 150+ senior buy-side executives. Global surveys are based on 250+ participants.

Topical Surveys are conducted in an independent and objective manner on behalf of several stakeholders.

Our surveys

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Our research agenda reflects the hottest, most relevant topics and pains points in the data, BI and analytics space. See what we have in store for the upcoming year:

Data Culture 2023 – BARC’s annual survey on organizational readiness and success factors

Start: Q2 2022
Publication: November 2022
Region: Global

The Current State of Data Culture

“Data Culture eats data strategy for breakfast”
More and more organizations are realizing that data & analytics strategies and technology investments must be supported by a data culture within the organization, otherwise they will have no effect.

But how to create and foster a positive data culture that facilitates and enables a data-driven enterprise? The Data Culture survey tracks the current status, experiences and future plans of companies in this regard.

Data access was identified as the most important data culture initiative in last year’s survey. We will delve deeper into this topic this year and examine the key approaches, best practices and challenges in the context of data availability and access.

Key questions:

  • How is responsibility for data and data culture assigned?
  • How do organizations prioritize data culture measures?
  • What are the most relevant challenges to access data?
  • Which activities and tools (e.g., catalogs, marketplaces, virtualization, knowledge graphs) help to master data access?
  • What results are achieved through data culture?

Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2023

Start: Q3/2022
Publication: November 2022
Region: Global
Target group/Audience: Heads of BI/analytics, IT, lines of business, process owners, CxO.

Current trends shaping the BI and data management market

The Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2023 from BARC reflects on the trends currently shaping the BI and data management market. We ask close to 2,500 users, consultants and vendors for their view on the most important BI trends. Numerous respondents reveal a comprehensive picture of regional, company and industry specific differences and deliver an up-to-date perspective of the BI market.

The Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor provides detailed information on:

  • Which BI trends are actually moving the BI market and which ones represent only a niche market;
  • Which trends are most important in specific regions and industries;
  • What differentiates best-in-class companies from the rest;
  • Where the opinion of users, consultants and vendors diverges.

Sponsorhip Package: €10,000

ESG & Sustainability Reporting - Challenges, Tools and Outlook

Start: Q4/2022
Publication: Q1/ 2023
Region: Global
Target group/Audience: ESG managers and process participants / Finance & Controlling / C-level management

ESG is now high on many managers’ agendas – and ESG reporting is a major and resource-intensive challenge for companies in all industries. This BARC study examines the major hurdles on the road to smooth and trusted ESG reporting and how
leading organizations tackle these challenges, their motivation, approaches and tools they use to ensure the flow of trusted data.

Key questions:

  • How important are ESG and sustainability reporting for companies and
    where do they stand in terms of implementation (organization,
    business and technology)?
  • What goals are companies pursuing around ESG and sustainability
    reporting, and what challenges do they encounter during
  • How resource-intensive is the implementation of ESG reporting and
    which departments are responsible for it?
  • In which areas do they face the biggest challenges (data procurement,
    transparent preparation, calculations, comparability of data, etc.) and
    how do they overcome them?
  • Which software is used for ESG and sustainability reporting (from
    gathering data to disclosing results) and how do leading companies
    deploy it?

Data Modeling and Automation for Data Warehouse Modernization

Start: Q4/2022
Publication: March 2023
Region: Global

A growing number of enterprises use the data vault approach for implementing data warehouses to support analytics projects in a scalable, predictable and consistent way. This approach excels at loading all your data, tracking history and changing schemas.

The data vault offers a hybrid approach to data modeling that seeks to capture the best and avoid the worst of earlier approaches. Dan Linstedt invented the data vault by combining elements of Ralph Kimball’s star schema model and Bill Inmon’s third-normal form, then adapting them to store all historical data and track changes over time. The data vault 2.0 standard codifies this approach and prescribes a methodology along with reference architectures for a range of physical environments, including a data warehouse, data lake, data fabric and data mesh.

This report by Eckerson Group and BARC assesses the scale, scope and nature of data vault adoption based on a survey of enterprise data practitioners across the globe. It will examine their motivations, obstacles, failures and successes—as well as their adherence to the data vault 2.0 standard.

Read this report to learn:

  • The scale and scope of data vault adoption worldwide
  • Why enterprises do or don’t adopt the data vault
  • Benefits and challenges of implementing the data vault
  • How enterprises learned about and implemented the data vault
  • What use cases it addresses
  • What lessons we can learn from their experience

Data Mesh: Game Changer or Just Hot Air?

Start: Q4/2022
Publication: May 2023
Region: Global

Opinions on data mesh vary from “game changer” to “just hot air”. Regardless of how one feels about it, the concept addresses some highly relevant issues. It is about a focus on data products and decentralized creation and responsibility for data products in the line of business, based on a self-service analytics infrastructure and federated data governance with a high level of automation.

But is data mesh being applied in practice and how is it understood? What functional, technical and organizational measures are companies taking to introduce data mesh and how far have they come? Does data mesh place special demands on the technology? Is it possible to implement it in an established data landscape, or is it necessary to start from scratch?

This study examines how companies view data mesh and its relevance in terms of their data democratization journey. It explores the organizational and technical  directions enterprises are currently choosing and the experience they have gained.

Key questions:

  • What do companies understand by data mesh? Is it a relevant approach to their efforts in optimizing the way they handle data?
  • Which organizational and/or technical measures are companies choosing to simplify the creation of data products in the business?
  • Which approaches are companies choosing to implement effective data governance?
  • Are specific technologies required to implement a data mesh? Can it be realized in a mature data landscape or is it necessary to start from scratch?

The Future of BI & Analytics – How Modern Tools Power Data Democratization

Start: Q4/2022
Publication: June 2023
Region: Global

Delivering actionable insights to users in all corners of an enterprise remains, despite all the changes in technology, a daunting challenge but fruitful if successfully mastered. This study will show the challenges stemming from an increasingly cloud-based and varied data landscape and the potential of machine learning infused into most functions of leading BI & analytics tools to reach more users with bite-sized content and deep insights appropriate for diverse consumption requirements.

The study will identify the new approaches to BI and analytics that help deliver trusted information from all sources to users with extremely diverse requirements and analyze which methods and approaches are most likely to unleash the potential of the data treasures hoarded but often untapped by organizations.

Key questions:

  • How have the major goals of BI & analytics implementations changed and what impact has this had on vendors and users?
  • What are the most promising technologies and trends that have the biggest impact on BI & analytics and contribute most to enhancing the benefits gained?
  • How have challenges to distribute trusted data to more users changed and what new approaches have proven successful in practice?
  • Which predictions from BARC’s 2019 study The Future of Reporting have become reality and which have not?

Unify Performance Management to Boost the Performance of Your Finance Department

Start: Q1/2 2023
Publication: September 2023
Region: Global

Better decisions in an increasingly complex and volatile world require better data and insights distilled through compelling analyses, based on elaborate plans and scenarios. Truly unified performance management supports decision-making by delivering trusted information quicker – an important factor in outmaneuvering the competition.

Many companies know that better decisions require connecting planning, financial consolidation, BI and analytics. However, most companies face daunting challenges, from manual and error-prone data integration to isolated and overly guarded data silos and software simply not equipped to tackle the overwhelming challenges of performance management.

This study examines strategies to unify performance management in organizations and the current status of these efforts. It will show how successful companies unify their performance management, the challenges they face and the goals they pursue. In turn, the study will glean insights on the most promising approaches and make recommendations to improve performance management.

Key questions:

  • What strategies are organizations adopting to unify performance management and how far have they come?
  • What goals are they pursuing, and what challenges do they encounter during implementation? What marks out the most successful companies in this endeavor?
  • Which performance management processes have the greatest potential for improvement?
  • What tools are used to cover the various areas of performance management and how are they connected to each other to deliver a unified experience?

Data Culture Survey 24 - How Can Organizations Develop Data Literacy and a Data Mindset?

Start: Q2/2023
Publication: November 2023
Region: Global

This year’s Data Culture Survey looks at the state of data culture development in organizations in general and drills into specific questions on the spotlight topic of data literacy.

Data literacy and a data mindset are seen by almost all companies as very important components of a data culture. This survey will provide important answers to frequently asked questions about which training measures to adopt and how to deliver them. In addition, general challenges and success factors for the development of a data culture will again be identified and analyzed.

Key questions:

  • How is the data culture developing in companies? What is supporting and inhibiting it?
  • What are the success factors for the development of a positive data culture?
  • Which skills are deemed especially important to support the transformation of companies to become data-driven?
  • Which initiatives for training and developing a ‘data mindset’ are the most successful?

Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2024

Start: Q3/2023
Publication: November 2023
Region: Global
Target group/Audience: Heads of BI/analytics, IT, lines of business, process owners, CxO.

Current trends shaping the BI and data management market

BARC’s Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2024 reflects on the trends currently shaping the BI and data management market. We ask close to 2,500 users, consultants and vendors for their views on the most important trends in BI and data management. Numerous respondents reveal a comprehensive picture of regional, company and industry-specific differences and deliver an up-to-date perspective of the market.

The Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor provides detailed information on:

  • Which trends are strongly influencing the market and which ones represent only a niche market;
  • Which trends are most important in specific regions and industries;
  • What differentiates best-in-class companies from the rest;
  • Where the opinions of users, consultants and vendors diverge.

By purchasing the marketing rights, you will:

  • Receive an attractive PDF file with exciting results, graphics and articles from our analysts
  • Be able to leverage individual graphics or cite from the Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor to back up your message.

Sponsorhip Package: € 9,900

Improving Outcomes with Analytics Apps – How to Use Data Profitably in All Business Processes

Start: Q2/2023
Publication: Q4/ 2023
Region: Global

Consumers make up the majority of BI and analytics users and many of them are starved of relevant information as insights provided are often not as actionable and consumable as required. They are often tormented by legacy systems lacking ease of use and valuable combinations of data. While substantial investments have been made to level-up information distribution, many of these efforts have not yielded the expected benefits.

Modern analytics apps promise to provide required data to consumers of all skill levels within or outside an organization. Automated insights, NLG and potent ML to analyze data put powerful weapons in the hands of consumers to understand data and glean and distribute insights to increase productivity at every stage of the value chain. Modern low code / no code development  speeds up implementation and promises additional value.

Key questions:

  • Are consumers sufficiently supplied with information to support decision-making and their daily work? What is missing and what can be improved?
  • Which technologies are the most promising to enhance ease of use for all users (ML in all areas, NLQ, NLG, automated insights)?
  • How do companies optimize their business processes by integrating BI & analytics (BI & analytics apps, embedding, API calls etc.)? What are their plans in this regard?

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