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How BARC can help you to improve your marketing and sales

We face the same marketing challenges as you - let us show you how we solve them

BARC has been successfully offering its analyst services on the business software market for more than 20 years. We therefore face many of the exact same marketing and sales challenges as you. Our thriving and well-proven marketing and sales methods flow into our products and services, as well as our deep understanding of buyers’ requirements and suppliers’ offerings.

That’s why we are exactly the right partner when it comes to being successful in this market. We know what needs to be done to improve the positioning of your organization.

Why BARC is the best partner when it comes to finding ways to grow in the market as a software vendor and service provider:

  • We understand that marketing has changed and we can help you face today’s challenges.
  • We know your target group and your challenges by heart.
  • Our name stands for high quality, independent research and consulting, as well as in-depth knowledge in the areas of BI/analytics, data management, ECM, CRM, ERP and other business software segments.

Our Advisory Services for Marketing and Sales

Want to achieve greater visibility within your target group and generate more leads?

BARC can help you to create the ideal content campaign for your business. For 20 years, we have been in contact with customers who are looking for solutions in the field of BI, analytics, ECM, CRM and ERP. We understand this target group and what drives them – that’s the first step in creating a successful content campaign.

How we can support you:
  • Finding the right topics
    – We know which trends and issues your target group is interested in.
  • Putting together the right components of your campaign
    – We have experience in creating marketing funnels that end with a purchase.
  • Choosing the right channels
    – We can tell you where you can reach your target group most efficiently and effectively.

What are your strongest weapons to beat the competition?

Based on a detailed assessment of the functionality and technical characteristics of your solution, we will put together battlecards with the essential relative strengths and weaknesses of your biggest competitors.

Battlecards are an effective tool for your sales team to have the critical arguments at their fingertips in competitive situations.

Present yourself in a relevant, differentiated, clear and consistent way

Based on our knowledge of market development and user demand, we will give you objective feedback on your marketing communications across all channels (website, social media, advertising, etc.).

We can tell you what already works and what can be improved, but also how it should be improved. Get comprehensive feedback that immediately increases your marketing impact.
We will check:
  • Relevance: How relevant are your messages for various customer groups and targets?
  • Differentiation: How differentiating are your messages against your competitors?
  • Consistency: How consistent are your messages, especially with regard to how BARC understands your positioning and key messages?
  • Clarity: How clearly and comprehensibly do you communicate the customer benefits of your solutions?

BARC guides you into the next phase of stable business growth

Many companies grow successfully for a period of time until at some point stagnation in corporate growth is reached. BARC can help you cross the threshold to the next phase of growth. We offer you strategic support for your growth in established markets, but also for expansion.

Fields we can support you in:
  • Market transparency
  • Market positioning
  • Distribution strategies
  • Market figures
  • Competitive situation
  • Current trend topics for users
  • Increased visibility
  • Partner search

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