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BARC helps you to understand customer demand, buying behavior, competition and market trends.

How BARC can help you to build a winning product

In order to conquer a new market or to develop further in an existing market, comprehensive knowledge of the relevant target group, market and technology trends as well as the competition is required. We have many years of experience in the data & analytics, ECM, CRM and ERP software segments and are particularly familiar with the European and North American markets.

Why BARC is the best partner when it comes to successfully building, growing and scaling your products:

  • Our employees evaluate and research the business software market and all its key players both on the sell and the buy side on an ongoing basis.
  • We know the users and key drivers of investment decisions from our experience in hundreds of consulting engagements and research projects.
  • We understand market forces and trends unlike any other analyst.

Our advisory services for product managers

Keep one step ahead of the competition

BARC answers your individual questions on market and buyer trends, competitors, specific feature ideas and your product roadmap during an interactive workshop. You will benefit from the market expertise of our experienced BARC analysts and the results from our latest surveysBARC Scores and the Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor.

Topics we usually cover:
  • Current trends – topics for users
  • Market positioning
  • Customer feedback from selection processes with your involvement
  • Competitive situation
  • Market figures
  • M&A and investments update
  • Increasing visibility
  • Distribution strategies
  • Partner search

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