Companies that conduct audience research are 466% more successful than the 65% of companies that don’t*

Don’t be left behind, just because you forgot to do your homework

*Source: CoSchedule

Get to know the market with our comprehensive expert knowledge

“Knowledge is power” – this saying is probably never more accurate than when talking about business. Having a lot of expertise in a certain field makes decisions easier and safer. Plus, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments, otherwise you won’t recognize promising opportunities or upcoming trends in time.

But knowledge also comes in the form of practical know-how. Here, the question “How do I do something best?” often arises. The experience of an expert can make answering this question easier. We can assess the situation better from an external perspective and also bring our years of experience in the field into play.

How you will benefit from BARC Inquiry Time

Address your audience effectively

Understand your customers' pain points and daily problems. This way, you can not only show that you value them, but also how your product will ease their struggles.

Make safe decisions

BARC's comprehensive market and target group knowledge gives you the information you need in order to make safe decisions, even at short notice.

Develop your products

In order to develop products that your customers will love, it is crucial to know what their day-to-day problems are and what they are expecting to gain from your product.

Understand your audience

Understand which topics move your audience and the latest emerging trends.

Make quick and safe strategic decisions

“Does my target audience understand my campaign? Should these features be on the product roadmap? Which industries should I prioritize? And how does BARC rate my sales pitch?” Such questions and many more besides can be answered easily using BARC Inquiry Time.

How you will benefit:
  • Get quick feedback to your individual questions from experienced BARC analysts (e.g., on market developments, competitors, current projects, feedback on your own product development, etc.).
  • Make safe and agile decisions.
  • Use the comprehensive knowledge of BARC analysts for your strategic development.
  • Take advantage of this uncomplicated consulting service via telephone and web conference from the comfort of your own desk.

How it works


We agree on a time budget in hours as a contingent.

Your client representative handles your call requests and schedules the calls with the BARC analyst who best fits your requirements.

You speak to the analyst in an online meeting and – if needed – agree on follow-up activities.

The time needed for preparation, call time and follow-ups is deducted from your time budget (in 30-minute increments)

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